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Promoting Local Businesses!!!!

Welcome to the SHOPLOCALNL website!
This site has been developed to promote locally owned and operated businesses in
Newfoundland and Labrador. It is our mission to encourage Newfoundlanders to spend
their money HERE and reduce or eliminate their ONLINE shopping habits. We have so
many wonderful local businesses here that supply consumers with great service, great
prices and unique products as well as providing employment to many hard working
individuals. We appreciate and NEED your support which not only helps US, but helps
to strengthen the local economy!
Please remember that every dollar you spend ONLINE is another dollar that contributes
to the loss of a job for a fellow Newfoundlander or another dollar that contributes to the
closing of a locally owned business!
Again, Thanks for your support and please SHOP LOCAL!

If you are a 100% Newfoundland and Labrador owned and operated business, we want
you to join the LOCAL team!
For just $99 per year you will be listed on our website and receive a free ad! In addition,
by being a registered member of the ``shoplocalnl`` team, you will be provided with the
opportunity to advertise your business in our future mail out flyers at fantastic reduced
To join, simply email us at info@shoplocalnl.ca and we will contact you right

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Cheap Listing

Get your Business listed for as low as $99/year!

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We have caring, experienced and dedicated professionals for you. Reach the right Audience with ease... Ask us how!

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